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  1. Alabama Broker Prelicense

    Sku: 502AL026002
    60 Hours

    Gain more stability. Further your real estate career. Become an Alabama real estate broker! This course contains all 60 hours and the exam needed to make your goal a reality and fulfill the Alabama education requirement for current Alabama agents seeking to become brokers. Subjects include license law for Alabama, real property valuation, commercial real estate, contracts, compiling documents, risk management, property management, agency and finance.
  2. Alabama Reciprocal Broker Pre-license Course (FOR BROKERS ONLY)

    Sku: 502AL027001

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $95.00

    Already a broker in another state and looking to expand your reach to Alabama? This course is just for you then! Designed specifically for your needs, this online real estate pre-license course fulfills Alabama's education requirement for brokers seeking reciprocity in Alabama.

    Please note that completion of this 6 hour course is mandatory before taking the Alabama Real Estate Broker State Exam.

    Highlights include: Responsibilities of the Broker, Laws & Regulations Specific to Alabama, Disciplinary Actions, RECAD, Trust Accounts and Audits for the Brokerage Office.

  3. Alabama Reciprocal Sales Pre-license Course (FOR SALESPERSON ONLY)

    Sku: 501AL014001

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $95.00

    Currently licensed in another state and want to get licensed in Alabama as well?

    This course is designed for salespersons seeking reciprocity. Including 6 hours of instruction, this affordable, hassle-free course is the perfect prep for taking the Alabama state-specific exam necessary to comply with the reciprocity agreement.

    Highlights include RECAD, Alabama Regulations and Alabama License Law.