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  1. Alabama Reciprocal Broker Pre-license Course (FOR BROKERS ONLY)

    Sku: 502AL027001

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $95.00

    Already a broker in another state and looking to expand your reach to Alabama? This course is just for you then! Designed specifically for your needs, this online real estate pre-license course fulfills Alabama's education requirement for brokers seeking reciprocity in Alabama.

    Please note that completion of this 6 hour course is mandatory before taking the Alabama Real Estate Broker State Exam.

    Highlights include: Responsibilities of the Broker, Laws & Regulations Specific to Alabama, Disciplinary Actions, RECAD, Trust Accounts and Audits for the Brokerage Office.

  2. Alabama Reciprocal Sales Pre-license Course (FOR SALESPERSON ONLY)

    Sku: 501AL014001

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $95.00

    Currently licensed in another state and want to get licensed in Alabama as well?

    This course is designed for salespersons seeking reciprocity. Including 6 hours of instruction, this affordable, hassle-free course is the perfect prep for taking the Alabama state-specific exam necessary to comply with the reciprocity agreement.

    Highlights include RECAD, Alabama Regulations and Alabama License Law.